Unleashing Nature's Beauty Through Handcrafted Ceramics

Welcome to the world of Kadri Kunnus Pottery, where artistry meets craftsmanship to create exquisite ceramic pieces that inspire and captivate. Explore our collection and experience the timeless allure of handmade ceramics inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

About Me

Hello there! I'm Kadri, the passionate artist behind Kadri Kunnus Pottery

Allow me to share a little bit about myself and my creative journey.

I live in the wild countryside of Estonia, Europe, in a 200 year old former watermill together with hubby, 4 little ones (age 3-10), a “heritage cat” called Mautzi (came with the house) and a flock of 8 hens and 2 roosters (at the moment).

Here, there are no street lights or city noises, traffic or people watching in your windows. Only the everflowing river and sounds of trees and birds. 

We moved here almost 4 years ago, after 10 years of town life and working as a Public Relations Specialist at the University of Tartu. The kids got too many for city lifestyle and trips to the countryside on weekends and watching the “Country morning” show didn’t quite cover the need for nature, nurture, quiet, privacy.

Welcome to my shop

"I'm in awe of Kadri's talent and craftsmanship. Her ceramics have become treasured heirlooms in my family.".
Mark L.
"Kadri's pottery is a true masterpiece. Each piece tells a story and brings a touch of elegance to my home."
Karen M.
"The attention to detail in Kadri's work is outstanding. Her pieces are not only beautiful but also incredibly functional."
Emily S.
"Kadri's creations are a breath of fresh air. They add a touch of nature's serenity to any space."
Maria K.
"I'm a proud owner of several pieces from Kadri Kunnus Pottery. Her unique designs and use of color make each item a true work of art."
Sofia A.
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